Our Story

Vyve Meditation Centre was opened in April 2023 by owners Dee Lewin and Scott Podmore, partners in life and business, who are realising a shared dream of helping people with self-healing and wellbeing journeys. Intent on building a sacred space, the ‘Energy Room’ at Vyve Meditation Centre has become a sanctuary for people to escape from life’s everyday challenges, offering them a chance to pause, recharge, and regenerate in the bio scalar photonic fusion energy fields generated by our 24-unit EESystem.

Dee's Dream

The driving force behind Vyve Meditation Centre, Dee had previously built a reputation over 15 years with her energy sessions to help others transform their lives. An energy session with Dee is ultimately about becoming balanced emotionally, while finding clarity and direction, self-understanding and generally getting back on track to living a happy and contented life. Not quite satisfied in offering only one to one sessions, Dee was searching for “something more”; something that could amplify her work and, ultimately, reach more people…

The 'Moment'

It was in 2021 when Dee discovered on YouTube an interview with Dr Sandra Rose Michael, inventor of the EESystem, and Jason Shurka (pictured), a spiritual wellness influencer/humanitarian with a huge following.

It was a powerful moment, and Dee knew deep in her heart it was the opportunity to elevate from the foundations of her own energy sessions to work with a technology that bridged both science and spirituality, and which also could reach a much wider audience.

Following an enormous global response to the interview, Jason Shurka put a call out for interested parties to partner with his own humanitarian platform UNIFYD Healing in opening EESystem centres throughout the world. Dee and Scott immediately applied and, after a successful meeting with Jason online, became the first Australians to sign as a partner of UNIFYD before getting to work in making their dream a reality by creating an EESystem centre from scratch in Melbourne.


Our Values

While the EESystem technology is designed to work on all spheres of a person’s reality (physical, mental, spiritual), it was also Dee and Scott’s mission to attract the right team to help them provide the tender loving ‘touch’ with visitors and open an EESystem centre with heart. A gorgeous combination of ‘good souls’ came together, living and breathing Vyve Meditation Centre’s core values of love, compassion, patience, and kindness, while also fostering a caring culture driven by the mantra that “every moment matters”. We care about our community and are very proud of the thousands of people who now have regular sessions in our 24-Unit EESystem as part of their wellbeing program.


Our Purpose

We believe that to be ‘on purpose’ means to walk the walk, not just talk it up. Our purpose is to help people find the path to wellness and a happier existence, but sometimes not everyone is positioned to step into that path due to extreme financial or health challenges.

That’s why Vyve Meditation Centre has set up our ‘Love & Compassion Chair’ initiative. Through the proceeds of special events we run at the centre, we have implemented a pay-it-forward concept to “always have a chair” for someone, chosen at the owners’ discretion, who faces extraordinary challenges and who may benefit from the sessions.