By Scott Podmore

The wellness scene in Melbourne has experienced a seismic shift with the opening of Vyve Meditation Centre and its 24-unit EESystem in Eltham, the first centre in Australia to be officially affiliated with UNIFYD Healing.

Dee, our dedicated team and I have set forth on a purposeful mission to provide the community with an avant-garde experience that encompasses the benefits one can achieve from the Energy Enhancement System (EES), a ground-breaking technology invented by Dr Sandra Rose Michael in the United States.

More than 300 EESystem centres have sprouted globally, and all are reporting similar stories of people enhancing their own self-healing objectives in using the system as a “wellness” platform to kick-start their recovery or maintenance programs around physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Having welcomed countless visitors since its inauguration at Vyve Meditation Centre in Eltham (30-minutes north of the Melbourne CBD) in April, our team extends our heartfelt gratitude to those who have embarked on this transformative journey with us.

Those familiar with the concept might be acquainted with the profound influence of the EESystem technology – especially with the ambassadorship/support of global influencer Jason Shurka and his UNIFYD Healing – which has been a beacon of hope and rejuvenation for many on a global scale.

Unravelling the Science and Spirituality Behind the EESystem

While the term EES may sound abstract to some, it revolves around the simple, yet important principle of cellular health and energy. Drawing upon Dr. Sandra’s ground-breaking research, in simple terms, the EESystem focuses on revitalising ageing cells by increasing their voltage. As the voltage decreases, cells struggle to recuperate, therefore compromising our health.

EES technology employs scalar energy, bio-photonics, and cellular communication, amplifying the cell’s potential to recharge and rejuvenate. When placed in an environment charged at 70-90 millivolts, our cells start to sync, and their optimal charge levels are restored, ushering in a cascade of self-healing processes.

First glance at Vyve Meditation Centre’s ‘Testimonials’ book at reception, and you will quickly realise something special is happening at Australia’s No.1 EESystem centre. Our community – we’ve welcomed more than 1200 visitors –  is reporting so many benefits to overall health and wellbeing, whether it’s mental, physical, emotional or spiritual, or all of the above.

The 24-unit EESystem in Vyve Meditation Centre’s Energy Room introduces visitors to zero-point energy: a sanctuary where the constraints of time fade, enabling your mind to enter a restorative realm of peace and equilibrium. The system is rooted in the belief that true healing emerges from within, and the conviction in its efficacy amplifies its impact.

By immersing yourself in the EES experience, you’re enabling the opportunity to embark on an introspective journey, observing emotional responses and deep-seated beliefs that shape your life. As Dee explains, “From the moment you make your appointment, you can have resistance surfacing – this may be what’s been holding you back and why you’re feeling so drawn to it. It puts you out of your comfort zone for a good reason.”

Delving Deeper into the EES Experience

Lending weight to Dee’s theory, Dr. Sandra Michael sheds light on the parallels between a person’s experience during an EES session and the broader tapestry of life. From fleeting distractions to deeper emotional currents, sessions mirror personal challenges and perceptions, calling individuals to reflect on their emotional responses and inherent beliefs.

Embracing the EES experience extends beyond the tangible sessions; it’s a holistic journey. The most remarkable transformations arise from a blend of regular EES sessions, supported by comprehensive practices like detox baths, a balanced diet, emotional grounding, and spiritual exploration.

Exclusive Offers and Packages Tailored for You

In recognition of the amazing support and enthusiasm from our all those who have visited us, Vyve Meditation Centre has continued to run its opening special offer where first time visitors can enjoy a 50% discount on a 2-hour session. Sharing your personal experience or testimonial further earns you an additional 50% off, as a little bonus in your journey of self-healing and self-discovery.

VMC offers an extensive menu of sessions, ranging from 2-hour experiences to a kid’s hour on Mondays and Wednesdays, 5-hour sessions, and immersive and exclusive overnight stays to truly ramp up time spent in the EESystem in one hit. Package deals ranging from 3-packs to 100-hour VIP packages provide exceptional value, ensuring that everyone can access the transformative power of the EES.

And for those keen on addressing limiting beliefs that hinder their healing journey or who are looking for extra resources can book in at Vyve Meditation Centre for events in the Energy Room which include: Women’s Circle; 9D Breathwork Sessions; Spinal Energetics experiences; Sound Healing Journeys; and Mediumship Development workshops to name a few.

A Tender Touch Post Session for a Full Experience

For those intrigued by the synergy of mind-body healing, Vyve Meditation Centre’s sister company 1km around the corner, Vyve Beauty & Wellness, has offerings extending beyond standard beauty treatments to transformational energy sessions, Reiki balancing, massages, and specialised facial treatments.

As the ultimate for supporting your EESystem experience, follow up with one of two specialised treatments at Vyve Beauty & Wellness, including a popular EES Facial Renewal: “A pampering, deep cleansing and super hydrating facial using our beautiful natural vegan range of products, plus EES Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Facial Mask — EESystem Bio Scalar Enhanced. This innovative gold bio-collagen facial mask is formulated with pure gold, natural bio-ingredients, and hydrating compounds to deliver to you a more defined, younger, and glowing complexion.”

The beauty salon also offers an Ultimate EES Face & Body Package for the special price of $199! Here you can enjoy a full body exfoliation using the Sea Salt mixture recommended by Dr Sandra, be completely cocooned in this powerful detoxing mixture and enjoy Vyve’s EES FACIAL RENEWAL. Hot towels, and massage in magnesium and coconut oil to complete this decadent treatment feeling uplifted, rejuvenated and renewed from head to toe.

Connect, Explore, and Transform

Curious souls can explore a treasure trove of info, including peer reviewed clinical studies, research papers, and enlightening videos featuring Dr. Sandra Michael, on the Vyve Meditation Centre website.

The dedicated team at Vyve, consisting of Laila, Milly, Tae, AJ, Amelia, and led by Dee and me  (‘Poddy’), welcome any queries or insights you may have regarding the EESystem or our Centre.

In this bustling world, Vyve Meditation Centre stands as a sanctuary of healing, introspection, and growth. We invite you to embark on your own journey, and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

Here’s to health, peace, and transformation!

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